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Tooth pain should never be ignored, and when it comes to a chipped or fractured tooth, you are likely to notice it based on the discomfort that accompanies it. It’s not always easy to determine that the reason for what you feel is a a chip or crack, or even necessarily which tooth is affected. Here at 88 Smile Design, we want you to know what the signs of such an injury are, and what can be done about it by our 10550 dentist.

A traumatic dental injury could result in an infection and root canal therapy, a tooth extraction, or maybe just the simple and effective remedy of restoring the tooth with a dental crown. Among the factors that will determine which, the one that is completely within your control is how quickly you get the required care. Among the most common symptoms that would bring you to our 10550 dentist are erratic pain when chewing or when consuming hot or cold foods or drinks of any kind. If the pain does not subside when you release the pressure of your bite, it may indicate a chipped or fractured tooth. When you come in for treatment, digital radiography will be utilized to pinpoint the location of the damaged tooth, assuming that it is not already obvious. Images will also allow for a diagnosis of infection inside the tooth, if present. Assuming that no infection has been sustained, our 10550 dentist will take impressions for the fashioning of a crown. Otherwise, preparations are taken for root canal therapy, in which the infected tissue is removed and the canals are cleaned to put the tooth back on the path to healing.

With timely care, you can have the best chance of keeping your tooth, and you may not even need root canal at all. So if you know or suspect that one of your teeth is chipped or cracked, then call us right away.

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